FLIR RS Video Recording Cable for UNV MDVR
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FLIR RS Video Recording Cable for UNV MDVR
  • Cable for UNV MDVR (Mini Digital Video Recorder)
  • FLIR RS Micro USB Connector to 2.5mm MDVR Connector
  • For FLIR RS NV Optics Series

FLIR RS Video Recording Cable for UNV MDVR

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Item #: JS-SA-0604
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The FLIR RS Series Ultimate Night Vision MDVR Cable connects your FLIR RS32 or RS64 video out port to the video input on the UNV portable night vision MDVR (Mini Digital Video Recorder). The cable is designed with military grade braided cable protection along with multiple layers of heat shrink to withstand years of use in the field.

With a total length of 14 inches, the FLIR RS UNV MDVR cable is the perfect length to connect the FLIR RS thermal weapon sight directly to a rifle stock mounted MVDR on a fully extended AR-15 rifle stock or any standard bolt action rifle stock. The precise length of the cable creates a streamlined system eliminating excess video cable.
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