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We've got so many great items to help you get prepared that we barely have room for all the categories. If you are looking for a good book to read or just put in your emergency preparedness kit, check out our selection of books on topics ranging from; survival, emergency preparedness, self-defense, AR-15 rifles, gardening, farm animals and more.

We have a whole category of pink items just for the ladies. We've got pink bags, pink handcuffs, pink flashlights and more. We also have a lot of other great supplies for your emergency prep kit such as; camo face paint, adult or kids ghillie suits, shemagh head wraps and a whole assortment of paracord bracelets.

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Outdoor Legacy Gear is my go-to store for all my shooting accessories.

Brandon R - Louisiana
The customer service I received from Outdoor Legacy Gear was 2nd to none!

Aaron L - California
Great prices and super fast shipping.

Brad H - Texas
I love the large selection of pink and purple gear for the ladies.

Kristen W - Ohio
These guys have a huge selection of bags and packs at excellent prices.

Robert R - Utah