Kaito AD500 AC adapter
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Kaito AD500 AC adapter
  • Compatible with Kaito KA500, KA600, KA009, KA008 KA007, KA007L, KA008, KA009 & KA009S
  • Cord Length 5'8"

Kaito AD500 AC adapter

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Item #: RD-0050
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This Kaito AD500 AC adapter is designed for Kaito Voyager series radios, including the Voyager KA500 & Voyager Pro KA600. It can be used for powering up the radio by plugging it into a wall outlet, also for charging the internal battery pack. It's also compatible with other Kaito emergency radios including KA007, KA007L, KA008, KA009 and KA009S.
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