One of the most important ingredients in any emergency preparedness plan is long term storage food. Every emergency preparedness kit should include at least a 3 day food supply for you and your family. Most experts agree that having a 30 day emergency food supply is critical and one of the first steps of truly becoming prepared for a disaster. If you plan on storing food for long periods, make sure you are buying quality survival food with a long shelf life. Most of the emergency food we carry has a shelf life of up to 25 years!

For those who are preparing for extended emergencies or disasters we offer bulk food supplies for up to 12 months. Most all of our long term storage food comes in easy to stack and store buckets. We offer many great tasting and long lasting foods such as; fruit, vegetables, meats, main entrees, milk, eggs and breakfast items. If you need gluten free emergency food, we've got you covered. We even offer MRE's that are perfect for a grab and go type situation. Stock up on your emergency food now, so your family will be prepared in case disaster strikes.

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