Caldwell DeadShot TreePod Blind Clamp
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Caldwell DeadShot TreePod Blind Clamp

Caldwell DeadShot TreePod Blind Clamp

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Item #: DS-GS-255859
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Caldwell TreePod Blind Clamp Now you can use the DeadShot TreePod from your box blind and your treestand without remounting the whole assembly! The Caldwell TreePod Blind Clamp additional support base allows you to mount an extra base to a box blind. You now have the ability to hunt from a deer stand or a box blind and still get Benchrest Accuracy when you want it.


- Mount it to the inside of a box blind
- Constructed of powder coated steel
- Use multiple bases on different stands


- Base Plate Size: 6" x 8.5"
- Weight: 5 lbs
- 1 upper post with plate
- 1 back plate
- 5 bolts
- 5 wing nuts
- DeadShot TreePod and tree stands pictured sold separately
UTG Tactical OP Bipod - SWAT/Combat Profile -  6.1"-7.9" HeightUTG Tactical OP Bipod QD - SWAT/Combat Profile - 5.9"-7.3" HeightUTG Tactical OP Bipod - Tactical/Sniper Profile - 8.3"-12.7" Height
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